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Written by Mark Menendez   
Sunday, 24 April 2011 21:51

I’ve used scents for a lot of years, and I have always been a proponent of their use. I know a lot of plastic manufacturers bake their own kind of scent into their baits as a “bite enhancer.” Some companies use anise, some use garlic, some have even used fruit flavors, while others mix and match to come up with their own special formula.

I’ve never considered scent as a means to get more bites; instead, I’ve seen them as a product that lets me keep more bites. Let me explain. Whatever lure we are throwing has been in contact with our environment, the boat carpet it rested on, the lunch we ate, the gas we filled the boat with, cigarette smoke or chewing tobacco for some anglers, and the list goes on.

Any of those odors can be off-putting to a bass, and that final repulsing effect may not happen until the fish has the lure in its mouth. If a bass detects something unnatural, it will spit the bait out as quickly as it picked it up, and this results in missed opportunities; something I can’t afford to have when catching fish can be the difference between making a living or not.

To me, if a bass picks up a lure and it has a scent or flavor that reminds it of something real, then they might hold onto it a split second longer, giving me a better chance of setting the hook. Every bite matters and every chance to increase my odds of putting a bass in my boat becomes a necessity on tour.

I think all of the scents on the market are okay, but the ones that I like best are those that give me the most natural imitation of the bait that I am using, and BioEdge Fishing has given me that edge. Their name really says a lot about the company and its methods.

My friend and Elite Series colleague James Niggemeyer introduced me to the BioEdge product, and after using it, decided to join the BioEdge promotional team; and there are reasons that I did.

BioEdge uses only real, fresh bait in the manufacturing of their scents. Because they use 100% natural ingredients, BioEdge scents contain all of the oils, amino acids, enzymes and pheromones all found in the bait from which they are extracted. They have many to choose from. If I’m fishing in the Southeast, I can pick a Herring scent, I can choose from shad, crayfish, minnow, smelt and even a frog scent for when I’m using floating frogs on grass mats.

Outside of the variety of scents they have available, and they are working on new ones all the time, BioEdge comes in two forms to help me maximize my efficiency, no matter what type of technique I am using. Each of the scents come in the liquid form called a “Potion,” or in a solid form called a “Wand.”

If I am flipping a Strike King Premier Elite Jig or Rage Space Monkey, I use the potion, and the liquid works itself into the strands of skirts and into the holes in soft plastics making it a great addition to the lure. With the wand, I am no longer limited to soft or skirted baits for scent.

I can use the wand to apply scent to a Strike King Series 5 crankbait, a Premier Plus spinnerbait, Wild Shiner jerkbait or Spit-n-King topwater lure, and help the bait not only taste better, but also help it slide into the bass’ mouth easier as well.

BioEdge has made a difference in all aspects of my fishing, and with their commitment to quality, natural products, they can for you as well.

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