Scenes from the PAA All Star Series on Lake Ray Hubbard, Texas in April 2011

Here are a few of the photos and pro contacts that Bill Bjork and I made for BassWestUSA magazine at the inaugural PAA All Star championship on Lake Ray Hubbard in metropolitan Dallas, Texas. We will be running a full feature sotry on the PAA and the All Star event inthe July/August issue of bassWestUSA and are considering a story with Ott Defoe possibly - on how Ott flips and pitches poppers like others do a jig. Also, the July/August issue of BassWestUSA will feature an Evolution in PROgress feature story with Edwin Evers.

First, 2nd and 3rd place trophies on display with free samples of BassWestUSA at Bass Pro Shops tournament headquarters in Garland, Texas.

Gary Clouse, owner of Phoenix Boats weighs a beauty.

Edwin Evers beams over a decent bass caught bouncing a shallow-running square bill crankbait off riprap.

Bassmaster Elite kingpin Edwin Evers and son. We'll be running an "Evolution in PROgress" story on Evers in BWU's July/August issue.

Evers nets one.

Evers caught this catfish, striped bass, white bass, hybrids galore on Hubbard's shad-filled riprap banks.

Evers nets another and sets on one more (below)...

Many pros like Evers fished the long expanses of riprap originally constructed to support lakeshore roads. Shad were thick, presumably spawning along the riprap in the mornings.

Bass Fishing Hall of Famer Guy Eaker Sr. missed this fish on two casts in a row on a spinnerbait; then caught it on the next cast with a jerkbait.

Guy Eaker fished boat slips where shad were spawning with a spinnerbait on Day Two. A number of pros like Eaker fished in the marinas all or at least part of each day.

PAA All Star champion Jason Christie shows what "Mother Hubbard" has in her cupboard.

Guy Eaker waits his turn to weigh in. BWU will be running a full feature story on the PAA All Star event in our July/August issue.

Eaker landed about 4 limits (20 keeper bass) fishing docks with a chartreuse/white spinnerbait on Day Two.

Champion Jason Christie wins the inaugural PAA All Star Series on Lake Ray Hubbard, Texas.

Bassmaster Elite rookie Ott Defoe weighs in.

Ott Defoe beams over two of his. Defoe finished 4th out of the PAA's top 50 All Star pros.

Todd Auten of Carolina is a big bass crusher, finishing 2nd in the PAA All Star Series on Hubbard.

Ott Defoe rounds a creek bend.

Ott Defoe tosses his rod into the water to knock a stuck jig loose from a snag. He keeps hold of the line between the reel and first guide to yank the rod back onboard after he's unsnagged.

Terrapin suns on a laydown. Those looks like boat prop nicks cut into this old log.

Ott Defoe finished 4th with fish like this by flipping and pitching jigs, Texas rigs and a popper (yes, he flipped a popper).

Defoe flipped a popper to land this fish.

Defoe's popper had a red mouth (right) and white/red feather treble (left).

Defoe decks a fish caught on a popper.

Another fish for Defoe by flipping and pitching a popper into thick cover as you would do with a jig.

This bass engulfed Ott's popper head-first.

Ott flipped a jig early in the morning for this pig.

Winner Jason Christie fished outside the mouth of the river on Day Three. Dave Lefebre fished just inside the river mouth. Ott Defoe fished the middle stretch in the river and Harold Allen fished far up the river, making 4 of the top 12 finalists who fished the river on Day Three.

Another jig fish for Defoe.

Dave Wolak toughed it out on rough wind-exposed points with gusts to 35mph on Day Three, finishing 6th in the PAA All Star championship on Ray Hubbard.